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The Small Business Social Podcast

The Small Business Social Podcast is dedicated to helping you discover your own personal business model, and simplifying the process of creating, marketing and growing that business!

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Aug 12, 2019

What starts as a side hustle, can grow to become your full-time gig, if you take the right steps! Here are 17 tips to help you make that happen!


Jul 18, 2019

There are people out there, who want to learn what you know! Here are 8 ways to make money by sharing your expertise with others, and how to get started!



Jun 5, 2019

You’ve created a Facebook ad that you think is awesome, people are viewing it, some are clicking on it, but no one is buying. Here are the six problems I see most often and how to correct them.


May 14, 2019

These 25 free websites will really help you run your small business, practice or personal brand. - Episode 35



Apr 30, 2019

Now there's a FREE Facebook Group for people over 50 to learn basic social media and marketing skills they can use to market and grow their small businesses!

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